Team 团队

Sophie Xiong 熊晓虹

Sophie Xiong

Now based in Brooklyn, Sophie has primarily worked to help underprivileged children in foster homes and vocational schools in China for the past two years. At the same time, she studied at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center and graduated in 2013 with an M.A. in International Studies, concentrating in China Studies. She is also a contributing editor of Shenandoah, one of the most prestigious literary journals in the United States. Her Bachelor’s Degree was in East Asian Languages and Literature, with minors in Dance and Creative Writing.

Joey Feng 冯冠华

Joey Feng

A 2009 graduate of the University of British Columbia, Joey earned his undergraduate degree with a double major in chemistry and political science. His diverse interests, which include politics, international relations, inter-cultural communications and business development have led him to a variety of projects since graduation, including teaching English in Taiwan and founding a small business in Vancouver, Canada. Now undertaking his second year of study at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, Joey is working toward his M.A.I.S. in International Studies with a concentration in International Politics. With Nanjing Connect, he is the Outreach Coordinator, responsible for the hiring of contributors, article topic selection as well as overlooking the editorial process.

Tyler Ehler 谭乐

Tyler Ehler

Tyler graduated from McGill University in 2011 with a double major in Biomedical Sciences and East Asian Studies. Upon graduating Tyler enrolled at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center to complete his MA with a concentration in International Economics. Along with being a native English speaker, Tyler is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese, French and Slovak. His past work experience include internships acting as a Management Trainee for a Hong Kong based conglomerate, a research analyst at an international hedgefund, and accounting support at a Toronto based firm. As Managing Director and Founder Tyler has guided implementation of the website as well as the writer and editing process while acting as a focal point of the communication process with alumni.
谭乐2011年从麦吉尔大学毕业了。他在麦吉尔有两个专业,生物医学科学和东亚学。毕业以后谭乐继续在中美中心学习。他在中心的专业是国际经济。除了英文,谭乐也能说汉语,法语和斯洛伐克语。他以前的工作经验包括当管理培训生在香港的跨国公司,研究分析生在国际对冲基金和会计支持在多伦多的一家公司 。谭乐是中美连接的常务董事及创办人。谭乐一致遵循执行的网站以及作者和编辑的过程中而与校友的沟通过程中的焦点。

Jiang Su 江苏

Guo Jingjing

Jiang Su is an M.A.I.S. candidate of Hopkins-Nanjing Center with a concentration in International Economics. He graduated from Nanjing University of Science and Technology and has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering. Before coming to the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, Jiang Su has worked as an R&D engineer, as well as in project and product management. He is the Outreach Coordinator for Nanjing Connect.

Judith Ordaz Peña 安雅丽

Guo Jingjing

Judith Ordaz Peña is from Chihuahua, Mexico. She went to the University of Arizona to receive her Bachelor’s in Political Science, minoring in German and Chinese studies. While pursuing her undergraduate degree she came to Nanjing as a Gilman Scholar to study Chinese Politics and Sino-American relations as well as to learn Chinese. Judith went on to work for U.S. Congresswoman Giffords, led a state-wide Human Rights Organization campaign in Arizona, and successfully directed a City Council campaign before returning to China to attend the Hopkins Nanjing Center. Judith is focusing on International Politics and is studying social movements and social memory in China and Mexico. She hopes to work for the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs to bring China and Mexico closer together in cooperation.

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