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We began as a group of graduate students at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center who share a common interest of integrating academic research and linguistic expertise with real-world business analysis. Our purpose is to interpret issues that small and medium-sized enterprises may face when transacting between China and the West. One of our main goals is to help such enterprises better understand the challenges Western companies could encounter when entering the Chinese market, as well as prepare Chinese businesses with information on how to enter the Western market.

Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to have both Chinese and International experts collaborate and provide research on critical questions that SMEs are looking to answer. We achieve this by providing brief bilingual analysis of current business issues in China that relate to the Chinese and global economies.

Our articles revolve around what is current, relevant, and important in the context of the Chinese business world as it intersects with the international realm. These articles are primarily focused on five categories: economic, legal, business, cultural, and human resources.




Nanjing Connect classifies its business analysis and research of SMEs trying to enter or leave the Chinese market in the following sections:

Business    |    Economy    |    Culture    |    Law    |        HR


     商业       |        经济          |      文化        |   法律      |    人力资源

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